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Where Can You Use These Enamel Pins

You can have these enamel pins made in any color, size, or shape that you would want. You can also get a copy on the logo of your company as an enamel pin. You should be aware of the number of reasons where you can use these enamel pins. There are some people that would use these enamel pins as a giveaway during family gatherings or reunions. As a matter of fact, organizations will also consider to have these enamel pins made in order to commemorate a certain occasion in regards to their group. Having these enamel pins made in order to be given out to the guests who attended a wedding event is one thing that is gaining a huge popularity nowadays. You should be aware that there are many reasons on how to use these enamel pins. There are people that are interested in tangible things, whatever the value and its size is. You can simply say that people love a lot of stuff. If you will be having an event, you should think about having a custom made enamel pin order to serve as a giveaway to the guests who attended your event.

These enamel pins can be obtained from a wide variety. The cloisonne is one of the variety of these enamel pins. Adding decorations to a certain metal is technique called a cloisonne. A hard enamel cloisonne pin will undergo a process of curing the enamel paint that is inlaid in the metal pin and is baked in a very high temperature. After it is baked, it will undergo a polishing procedure. This polishing of these enamel pins will result to a smooth finish.

The soft enamel is another variety of enamel pins. These enamel pins are also inlaid with enamel and they would undergo an air drying process in order to cure the paint instead of baking at a high temperature. The fill will be sitting below the metal ridges that would form on the outline of these enamel pins. This soft enamel pin will not have a smooth top finish. Raised outline will be visible in these soft enamel pins. The soft enamel pins are way cheaper as compared to the hard enamel pins.

The die struck pin is another type of enamel pin. These enamel pins might be colored, but most of the time they are not. These die struck enamel pins are the only ones that can be made three dimensionally.

If you are looking for a pin that would show the several details that you want, then you should take note of the photo etched pin. The photo etched pins are less thicker as compared to the other enamel pins.

The last variety of enamel pin is the photo dome enamel pin. These enamel pins are made with the copy of a picture that will be provided by a customer.

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